Past Collaborations

Saskia and Lewis have collaborated on several succesful productions. Both written by Lewis and directed and produced as a combination of the pair these shows were performed in Loughborough to positive reviews, and have plans to be taken further to competitions and festivals, as well as a transfer to Hamburg in 2017.

A.D.A.M-The Modern Frankenstein
Performed 7th-9th of May 2015

In this adaptation of Mary Shelley’s classic, troubled programmer Victor Stone attempts to restore his reputation after being responsible for crashing the stock market. Through ensemble theatre, we explore his journey in the creation of artificial life, as well as his struggle with personal demons.

Adam Poster Screenshot

Performed 5th and 6th of November 2015

“The realisation that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own”
Sonder is a comedy that focuses on the intrinsically strange nature of human interaction. Showing the stories of seven people in a train station, whilst structured as three mini plays with an overarching narration, the play showcases how everyone, no matter how innocuous they may seem, has their own story beyond what you can instantly see. The three plays are as follows:
• At First Sight – Everyone enjoys people watching. We’ve all looked at random members of the public on the journey home from work and wondered about their lives. Maybe you’ve sat and imagined what it would be like if you knew one of these people, or if you were to go over and talk to them. ‘At First Sight’ explores what happens when that is taken to the next level.
• A Sweeping Statement – Chances are you’ll see a cleaner of some sort every single day, but you’ll never notice more than just a uniform. In this fast-paced and comic monologue, this custodian explains what can really be going on underneath.
• Delayed Reactions – Three people from completely separate walks of life are stuck on a platform, waiting for a train that doesn’t seem to be coming. They do the natural thing and start to talk about their lives, perhaps revealing a bit too much information along the way. This piece focuses on the hidden stories that lay beneath the seemingly normal exterior of everyone.

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